Even though the modern world is a relatively safe place, more and more people join a course for self-defense training. This allows them to act effectively when faced with aggression or violence, which gives composure and peace of mind.

Characteristics of our self-defense method:

  • Complete: physical, mental and moral empowering
  • Instinctive: no complicated techniques that you will end up forgetting
  • Modern: proven scientific foundation for all methods
  • Preventive: avoid 4 out of 5 incidents by danger recognition and de-escalation
  • Effective: learn how to pacify an attacker, to ensure a safe return home
  • Reliable: even effective while in panic, when you really need it!

Adaptive Training Pads

The Adaptive Training Pads have been developed in close collaboration with our head instructor: Amir. It is a large kicking pad that consists of 4 smaller pads, thus removing the need for separate pads, which saves space and money.

Recent Experiences

Want to share your story? Contact us, we want to learn from your experiences!

"I had to intervene in an argument, however at the scene someone took a swing at me. I reacted with several open handed slaps towards the face. He went down after only two hits, enabling an easy arrrest for me and my partner. That was my first arrest, so I'm very happy that it went well!"

Police officer in training

"I was reserving a bar stool for a friend of mine, when an aggressive looking guy came towards me. I was expecting a punch, however his hands angled down and instead of hitting me, he tried to choke me. From that moment on, I can't remember what exactly happened.... but just a few seconds later he was lying on the ground and I had his twisted arms in my hands."

Student abroad

"Thank you so very much for the self-defense course! I now know exactly what to look for and what to do if I don't trust a situation. This makes me feel much more comfortable, so again thank you so much!"

Student in Leiden, the Netherlands

"While going out, I encountered three guys who were clearly looking for a fight with me. I tried to get away, but they cornered me. De-escalation wasn't working, so I tried a verbal directive. I yelled as loud as I could for them to back away from me. It worked a lot better than expected! They hesitated and took a step back, and bystanders started to intervene!"

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