Our products offer the maximum amount of results in the shortest possible time, as we use the newest insights in Human Factors for all our methods. This is the essence of the Instinctive Systems philosophy.

Self-Defense Theory Seminar (€ 299,- per group)

This seminar on the science of self-defense covers the psychological, legal and physiologic aspectes of self-defense. The seminar takes 3 hours, including 2 breaks.

€ 299,- for the entire group (incl. tax)

This 3 hour lecture on the latest knowledge of cognitive psychology, demonstrates the importance of instinctive training. Besides in depth explanation of several aspects of self-defense many psychological methods are discussed on improving performance under stress.

These methods are of course also applicable in order to achieve maximum performances in other areas like presenting, negotiation and handling resistance.

The seminar deals in more detail with:

  • The different types of attackers and their characteristics and motives
  • The physiological and neurological aspects of self-defense
  • Handling emotions that coincide with a physical confrontation
  • Innate (instinctive) methods for self-defense
  • Sport psychology methods for maximum performance under stress
  • The 3 goals in self-defense: physical, mental and moral well-being
  • Legal considerations (how to talk to witnesses or police)

This seminar not only provides essential information on the self-defense area; the attendees will also gain an opportunity to better understand both themselves as well as others. An example: being able to control your emotions better can be very useful in a variety of situations, not just in a self-defense setting.

Short Self-Defense Course on Site (€ 399,- per group)

This 3 hour course can easily be given on location, for instance at home or at work.

The emphasis of this course is on physical skills, it will enable you to quickly pacify multiple attackers.

€ 399,- for the entire group (incl. tax and travel costs)

A self-defense course in your own home, garden or office! This 3 hour intensive course is designed to teach you and your loved ones how to defend yourselves.

This course is designed for small groups, between 4-8 persons. The emphasis of the course is on quickly elimating the threat of multiple attackers. Prevention and de-escalation techniques will also be covered. Some theory will therefore be discussed as well. For instance: characteristics of attackers and legal aspects of self-defense.

During the 3 hours you will learn:

  • How to recognize danger and how to de-escalate when possible
  • How to handle multiple attackers quickly and efficiently
  • How to defend yourself, both standing as on the ground
  • How to deal with a surprise attack
  • Several methods from sport psychology to gain a mental edge

The course is intensive, but will contain many breaks, so everyone can join in and have a good time. Besides having fun, you will learn how to apply instinctive methods, which will enable you to be more physically empowered for a lifetime.

Full Self-Defense Course (€ 179,- per person)

This is our complete self-defense course: it covers all aspects of self-defense.

The course is based on instinctive actions of humans, which means that you will be able to apply our self defense system for the rest of your life!

€ 179,- per person (incl. tax)

This is our complete self-defense course: in just 9 hours you will learn about all aspects of self-defense. The course is designed for groups between 8 to 20 persons and will be given spread over 3 days. This enables you to repeat some of the most important methods, ensuring that you will remember everything consciously as well as unconsciously. This is especially important for the non-physical aspects of self-defense.

The consequences of violence are often more extending than just physical complaints. This is the reason why this course not only focuses on the physical well-being but also on moral and mental well-being. This will enable you to deal with a physical confrontation and by limiting the negative consequences of the confrontation you can even grow positively from the experience.

In 9 hours you will learn:

  • How to prevent danger by recognizing it in time
  • Verbal and non-verbal techniques in order to de-escalate a situation
  • How to pacify one or multiple attackers
  • How to use your instinctive response during a surprise attack
  • How to defend yourself, both standing as on the ground
  • How to defend yourself against an armed attacker
  • Several methods from sport psychology to gain a mental edge

The course is intense, but contains several breaks, so everyone can join in and have a good time. Besides having fun, you will learn how to to apply instinctive methods, which will enable you to be more physically empowered for a lifetime.

Training for Professionals (€ 249,- per person)

This 9 hour course is designed for professionals who are responsible for the safety of people in their environment. This course is applicable for professionals such as police officers, security personnel, bouncers or personnel of a psychiatric institution.

This course will teach you how to act quickly and eficiently during conflicts, for instance by applying control methods or arresting tactics.

€ 249,- (incl. tax)

Control is the proverbial red thread in this course. By learning verbal and non-verbal communication skills you will be taught how to calm, reassure or remove groups from a room. Control tactics are for instance used to either move or pin persons to a certain space.

All methods will take into account that in real life an audience (might) be present. The methods are designed in order to solve a situation as quickly and quitely as possible. Besides those, the use of violence is minimal in all methods. This is not only morally and ethically correct, it also reassures bystanders and prevents negative media coverage.

In 9 hours you will learn:

  • "Split vision" - spot an attacker before he attacks
  • How to master the pre-fight setup
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to diffuse any situation
  • How to use control tactics and pins; to move an attacker away or pin him to the ground
  • How to act effectively in conflicts involving groups
  • How to pacify an attacker with the least amount of violence

This course is given almost exclusively to teams. In this manner team members will learn how to cooperate well together in violent or aggressive conflict. This will enable a better and quicker control of the situation. Besides this, the course can be adapted to the specific working environment as well.

Customized Product (for Businesses)

We like to offer customized products for businesses. This allows a complete solution.

We will look at:

  • Security: How can a robbery be prevented, or its effects be mitigated?
  • The environment: Does it cause any negative emotions? Is effective communication possible?
  • Procedures: Are the current procedures for managing aggression effective?
  • Customer service: What is the customer impression? For instance: at the counter, in a letter or through social media?
  • Corporate culture: How do employees handle change? Is there a team spirit?

€ 149,- per hour (excl. tax, incl. travel costs)
An introductory meeting on site is of course free of charge.